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Viet-Cajun Crawfish -


Thanks to the pairing of Vietnamese traditions with Cajun flavors, the resulting “Viet-Cajun” cuisine is fast becoming one of Houston’s most sought after fusions.

Our road to a World-Class Viet-Cajun Restaurant started in 2012 right here in Houston, Texas. As is the case in many kitchens, our sauce recipes are closely guarded secrets, and even something as relatively simple sounding as our “garlic butter” may contain upwards of 15 or more ingredients ranging from the obvious inclusions to finely chopped garlic, cayenne peppers, and roasted onions. 

The crawfish here is boiled in a signature Cajun spice, which allows the flavors to soak into the head and tail meat before the crawfish are tossed in a bath of garlicky, spice-infused butter. 

We are regarded as one of the most popular Cajun Crawfish restaurants in North Houston, where locals are ordering up mounds of crawfish coated in secret garlic butter or tossed in white onions, scallions, and other traditional additions. We encourage you to stop by and meet us. 

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